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Crystal Salt

My favorite part of yoga is the community -- the coming together of humans of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds and interests to share the same experience. The vibration of positive-minded people raises our vibrational frequency, and this shared joy elevates our spirits. Like birds flying in a "V," when we feel the

presence of others moving and breathing alongside us,

there is little we cannot accomplish.

Whether you are looking for a weekly private session or a monthly class with friends, I am at your service! I can come to you, or you can practice poolside at my home in Zilker. If you practice with friends, you can stay for an hour afterwards to sip mimosas while you enjoy a dip in the pool or hot tub. I can also do parties at your location, and can provide event planning services if you are looking for assistance with party details.


When was the last time you did something just for you?Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or connection, going on a yoga retreat can be a life-changing experience. My retreats are mindfully curated to create space for each and every guest. Connect with nature, silence your mind, and enhance your practice. I will handle every last detail so you can just be present.

As a minimalist, I am passionate about helping clients declutter and organize their lives in order to make room for more of what matters. Simply organizing is a temporary solution. By embracing a more minimalist lifestyle, you liberate precious time, energy and focus that you can

then direct toward more meaningful pursuits. This is your invitation to live an intentional, meaningful life.

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